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Fastbolt-- I was on campus walking with some buddies and we stopped to play catch with a frisbee. I was knelt down watching, and another student who secretly had problems with me took the advantage of my defenseless and low-alert position to make an attack. His choice of engagement was tackling me. I hit my head so hard on the concrete, i hardly remember what happened next. I shoved him off me, stood up, and quickly assessed what had just happened. I saw the face of my attacker and was in shock that he would do such a thing, my thought giving him time to get up and re-engage. By this time is was a boxing match... which I won thankfully (he got stitches above his eye and fell to the ground, i got a shiner). If you can define a winner in such a fight... Either way i was just shocked at how distraught i was. If i had been thining like i do when i rough around with friends or am on the wrestling mat... that kid would have had some serious problems. The only thing that was going through my head to to strike him in the face as hard and as many times as i possibly could. When he fell to the ground i started to think again and walked away.
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