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1916 Mauser help needed

Ok, I just picked up a 1916 Spanish Mauser.

I have owned several in the past and all were marked identically, but this one doesn't have the crest or any other markings. the receiver looks like it was never stamped with the crest and is very clean with only the serial.

All the other 1916 mausers had the crest and also had the 7.62 stamp if they had been converted from the original 7mm mauser.

This gun is in great shape (still has cosmo on it) not import marked and is numbers matching on everything (cleaning rod doesn't have a number at all, but I don't count that anyway ).

Only thing that says it is a 1916 mauser and 7.62 NATO is the very inventory old hang tag that came with the gun.

Anyone else have any input on this gun and why no markings on the receiver (like it is a blank and has not been scrubbed).

on a side note. I am gonna get a chamber casting to verify whether it was converted to 7.62 or if it is still 7mm mauser, just to be safe, especially since it is not marked as such.

here is the link to the auction for the gun and has some pics, but they are kinda bad. The gun actually looks 100% better in person and not all dinged up like it does in the pics. also note the picture of the receiver where it doesn't have the crest or the 7.62 stamp
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