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Even assuming the "natives" would get behind it, increased migration into the state from places that aren't crazy pretty much guarantees that secession would not have the level of support needed to go forward.
I would argue that the increased migration into Montana would be from folks who FAVOR, not reject secession.

B) Secession ain't legal. Whether you think it should be, and whether you're interested in arguing the validity of this legal fact, does not change the fact that the federal government isn't going to let Montana go.
Actually, the "legality" of secession is irrelevant. There is not one bit of settled law on this topic; the U.S. Constitution is entirely silent on the issue. The Union victory in the American Civil War did not settle the legality of secession, only the overwhelming military superiority of the northern states over the southern states.

C) Even assuming popular support could be gained, and even assuming you somehow managed to successfully secede (peacefully or through force), I'm pretty sure Montana would quickly descend to the level of third world craphole. Nothing against Montana, or the people here; I'd say the same about most (and possibly all) states, as well as most regions. Though I think this holds true for Montana more than some others. The United States is truly more than the sum of its parts.
This is, of course, entirely speculative on your part and you have no way of knowing what would happen should Montana secede. You also have no way of knowing what the federal response to a Montana secession might be. None of us do.

EDIT: Basically talks of secession, particularly by individual states, always make me chuckle.
Laugh all you want, however the likelihood of one or more states' attempting to secede from the U.S. grows each day.
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