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Greetings from Serbia

Hi, folks. I'm a long time gun lover, fairly new gun owner. I currently own Glock 19, Glock 21 and Serbian made Zastava CZ99 9x19 (SIG clone, imported by EAA as EZ99), and Zastava M83 .357 6" revolver. It's very hard to get CCW permit here, and you pay taxes each year for every piece you own. You need a permit even to buy ammo, 50 rounds per year max. 9x19 costs 60 cents per round. $1 at the range. .45 is about 30% more. For example, Glock 19 is 800 euros, G21 900 euros. Just want the US members to know they can buy two Glocks for the price of one in Europe, reason enough for a gun lover to be happy.
Generally, it's very expensive to be a gun enthusiast, but tough circumstances can't beat a soft spot for handguns.

Sorry for the quality, cell phone camera...

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