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Although check in on Friday looked like the Meeting of the American Vest Manufacturers
First wearers to my knowledge of the photographers vest (other than camera buffs) was the coach drivers in Europe, back in the 80s.

I asked to look at one, it had a hidden pocket, ideal for Passport. I bought one in Italy, I wore it to a IALEFI ATC, a Lawyer on the board said "Going fishing?"

Not too many years later, he was wearing one, they sold them from their Shop!
I think Mr. Ayoob remembers those?

Then the "Operators" picked up on them, on and on, there are detractors, like the detractors of 511 pants who say they scream "GUN!" sure.

My personal feelings on fighting, guns or fists, it helps if you have done some.

How to be as ready as you can be? Dress armed, wear the same weapons in the same place always, carry as much gun as you can. An extra magazine (You know when you will get a malfunction do you?) just in case.

It can not do any harm to shoot an action sport where you use the same gun and holster either. Is IDPA training to fight? Not really, but shooting a few thousand rounds a year, from concealed carry, can't hurt can it?

In Florida we can dress armed easy, all the time, you can tell I am armed quite easily though, I wear 511 pants!

Do you wear a Pistol so you can save the world? No more than than you carry an Insurance card, so that you can get into an accident.
And remember the first rule of a gun fight... Have one!
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