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One more thing... thanks for the responses fellows. I appreciate it. Twellons, I appreciate your side and view on these matter. As always, there are always two sides to a matter... you see a sign as a good way to avoid a possible confrontation all-together. I certainly think that's rational. I personally think that a sign, at least in my situation, may as well say "be sure to cut the phone/cable line and have a plan to disable the sirens BEFORE you kick the door in". That's valid as well. You did bring up an excellent point that I hadn't completely thought through. If they do manage to attempt a B&E once, I will have to step up the game because they'll know what I have.

I don't mind input, even if it contradicts my own thoughts, as long as no one tries to insinuate that I'm seeking out a conflict. I didn't think my wording would lead to that impression, but different people take things differently. Long story short, thanks for the input.
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