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Once they have attempted to break in , get spooked by the surprise and run off ... they will be back and now the element of surprise is gone. You are right back to the point of " they know I have an alarm now, what it sounds like , how it reacts etc....
And if they did attempt a B&E and my plan worked as anticipated, I WOULD invest in cameras the very next day to catch them on film next time. I couldn't really afford it, but it would be there... along with a newly adopted boxer.

Bear in mind I'm not really expecting this to happen, but I'm prepared. I'm not sure they would escalate things to the point of breaking in if they ever find out where I live. I'm not going out to get a dog and put in a camera system right now. I already have a very capable alarm, but even the most capable of one is more effective when it's presence isn't advertised. If they do decide to play that game, then it's money I'm going to have to spend to get big boxer/cctv system. I reiterate that all of this is primarily for when I'm not at home. I REALLY don't think they would invade home for the purpose of killing, but I do think they might break in to steal and get even. Don't construe my thought process to be that of "I'm baiting these boys in so I can legally create a situation to defend myself and cause them pain and grief". That's not what I want at all, but I get the impression that some of you believe that's what is going on.

And for the deterring the amatuers part... I'll replace doors all day long before I replace my guns. If a chump kicks the door every year, gets surprised and runs off, then that's better than a pro coming up with a plan to get what I have regardless. And no, it's not that I choose not to have signs because I'm praying I get the opportunity to shoot someone
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