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Goju, you're probably right man. I may be taking it seriously, but mind you there's already been a couple of incidents and the number of the group has increased. I thought after the first one they would get the hint, but they haven't. They've not come onto any property since then, but they've still been passive-aggressive and I know they are into drugs. All it would take is an irrational night of drinking and drug use, plus 3 or 4 delinquent punks sitting around having a D*** measuring contest and thinking about that "sumb****" they know that busted them, for them to decide to seek vengence for real. I pray that it doesn't come to that, and in all likelihood it won't, but if it does I'll be prepared.
I pray that it doesn't ither. You are the one that has to make the decisions on how to keep ou and yours safe from these cretens, so take everyone's comments with a grain of salt.

Be safe, God bless.
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