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Thanks for the hookup John...

As for the inference that I'm just waiting to shoot someone, that's a joke and I take serious offense to it. Let's just say I have a slight idea of what it's like, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone here.

Shulz, signs in the yard, OC, bragging about any form of self defense training... that stuff can be a deterrent. It probably will make the average petty thief and low-level druggie think twice. On the other hand, advertising that stuff to someone who has already expressed interest and intent on vengence only let's them know what ways you've prepared for them. If they know what you have, they can come up with a plan to circumvent. I assure you I want to sit in my little corner of the world and be left the heck alone. I have no desire to have any kind of confrontation or conflict, and I definetely don't want to hurt anyone.

they don't know I have a firearm until about .5 seconds before I use it
Shulz, I can see where you would take that the wrong way. I should've worded that a little better. What I'm saying is I wouldn't draw unless it is clear that an attack I can't escape from is imminent. I would probably give said BG a chance to bug out, but the point was I'm not going to brandish or draw until the last possible second.

As for the signs... I've been in the security alarm industry before. Many houses are not adequately protected by the "free promotion" systems pushed on them by salesmen. Security systems CAN be a very powerful tool, but it can also be just a mild annoyance to anyone with knowledge of how they work unless the homeowner is REALLY familiar with how to make that system work best for them. With that being said, some of those systems have as much as 30 second entry delays. That gives anyone determined to get in 30 seconds to find the main control panel (obviously not at my house, but there is still an entry delay and someone with the know-how could keep the siren blaring down to a minimum of 10 or 15 seconds). If he can find it, then it's game over for security system. Not to mention signs invite them to cut the phone line before they break in, etc. Now take same person, they have no knowledge that you have security system. They kick the door in, keypad goes off, then 5 seconds later siren goes off. They weren't counting on that, and they get an "Oh, ****" moment, hopefully causing them to run off. Like I said, signs may be good to deter the amatuers... but it tells the pros to be prepared. That's a long way from leaving the door open and inviting them in.

Goju, you're probably right man. I may be taking it seriously, but mind you there's already been a couple of incidents and the number of the group has increased. I thought after the first one they would get the hint, but they haven't. They've not come onto any property since then, but they've still been passive-aggressive and I know they are into drugs. All it would take is an irrational night of drinking and drug use, plus 3 or 4 delinquent punks sitting around having a D*** measuring contest and thinking about that "sumb****" they know that busted them, for them to decide to seek vengence for real. I pray that it doesn't come to that, and in all likelihood it won't, but if it does I'll be prepared.
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