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Maybe, but it doesn't sound like that is what's going on in this case.
I think you're reading into it what you want it to say.

This quote makes it pretty clear that the point is to attempt to gain some advantage in the event of an attack.
I'm pretty sure these folks are armed, but I don't think they would use it. If they do surprise would be one of the better things going for me. They ARE amatuers, but I would rather not advertise that fact to them until and unless they force me to.
He doesn't want an alarm or anything to deter those guys from approaching and entering his house, ...
Where are you reading that? He says he doesn't want a security system SIGN that might give them information to make a plan to break in but he clearly says he wants lots of sirens to go off if they do attempt to break in.
Hell, he might as well just leave the front door open and invite them in!
Seriously, I think if you re-read exactly what the OP posted that will clear things up.
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