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Advertisement CAN invite trouble. I wouldn't go bragging because people will test you.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I think you are a little too-affeared of things that maybe you shouldn't be. I mean, your house sounds like a booby trap!!

I wear my schools martial arts t-shirts and it invites conversation sometimes, sometimes challenges or bravado. It does give me the chance to practice my de-escalation skills on ocassion.

"What's...GO..Jo crotty?"

huh? Oh, I bought this at a garage sale.

"Do you do that krotty stuff?"

I try to, but I found I'm more of a danger to myself than anyone else?

"Think you can whoop my a$$?"

Can I tie you up first?

"Whut belt are ya?"

I wear a crimson rainbow.

""Hey, can I come watch?"

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