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You, on the other hand, sound like the kind of person that can't wait to use them.
The point isn't that there's a desire to use a firearm, it's that there's a desire to have a CHANCE to defend one's self.

If you are openly armed, it may deter the attackers or it may encourage them to take immediate violent action to neutralize your ability to respond.

On the other hand, if you appear to be unarmed, there's a chance that the attackers won't feel that they have to take immediate violent action to neutralize your ability to respond because they may not have a reason to believe that you're a threat to them.

Either way you're playing the odds. In the first case (openly armed) you're betting that openly carrying will deter them. If you bet wrong then you've probably created a situation where they feel they must make sure you don't have any chance to respond.

In the second case you're betting that they will give you a chance to respond because you don't appear to be dangerous. They could be cold-blooded enough to take very violent action up front even if you don't look dangerous.
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