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For those of you that want to read (or simply like to read) the lineup, so far: The initial appeals brief is here.

Amici for McDonald is here.

Here you will find:
  • Amicus brief by the Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE).
  • Amicus Brief by the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), and others.
  • Amicus brief by the Institute For Justice.
  • Amicus brief by Constitutional Professors.
  • Amicus brief of 69 State Legistors from Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin (written by Prof. Nelson Lund).
  • Short opening brief and appendix by the NRA.
Appellees brief (Chicago's brief in opposition) is here.

Gura's reply brief may be at the following location in a day or two (this is based upon the directory structure being used at present):
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