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New AR-15: Stag Model 2

Alrighty! Not too long a wait. About 6 weeks and change for my new Stag Model 2 to come in. ARs are still pretty hard to come by here in CT. Of course, by Law of Murphy, I was traveling when I got the call from my gun dealer. Had to wait an extra 4 days to pick it up. I haven't traveled for work in the past 6 weeks and it had to arrive while I was away, of course. Go figure.

Anyway, below is my offering to the Photo Gods that watch over TFL.

I thought it was a nice touch that they included a golf towel in there. How did they know my other hobby? Now, if it had only come with a set of Kimber Kables for my 2-channel audio set-up, it would be the perfect gun.

I'm itchin' to hit the range (both gun and driving).

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