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Never show your cards and don't bluff...

The title of my thread is just that. I'll paint the picture below and I would like some debate on my question...

I recently facilitated in the identification and prosecution of a group that commited a crime. They also got a DUI on top of the crime. Needless to say, I'm not their favorite person and they've pretty clearly expressed that. They don't know my full name or where I live, but they know a place that I frequent. That's pretty much the story. I don't know how far these people will take it, but I'm going to be prepared.

With that I want to ask for some opinions. I've always been very interested in the shooting and hand-to-hand SD arts. Part of it came from choice of occupation. I used to make it no secret to even casual acquantences about who I am and what I'm capable of (not saying I'm bad-ass or anything... you get the point).

These days, I'm starting to think that it's smart to say as little as possible about what I have, what I carry, what I can do, how my house is protected, etc. Even simple little things lik...

I don't announce that I am or when I am going to the "range". I live on acreage, but still have neighbors. My "range" used to be in the back yard (yes, it's safe). Now I'm not sure I'm going to do that anymore. I can drive about 20 miles and get all the range time I want for free, and it'll be a little more anonymous.

I don't like security system signs. I would rather have a system, with an Un-Godly number of exterior sirens, and let someone find out AFTER they kick the door in that I have an alarm. I know I may would have to repair the door, but I would rather do that than for someone to develope a plan to break in.

I also have exterior motion detectors rigged to a buzzer. They are set in place every night after dark, and taken up every morning before light. I change the location frequently, and they're often camoflauged.

I used to OC often, but after re-evaluating the matter I don't anyone to even know I have a firearm if I can get away with it. No more OC for me. I appreciate the people who do, as it makes a statement, but I'm not going to participate.

What are your feelings on this? I would like some feedback. Basically my thought is "they don't know I have a firearm until about .5 seconds before I use it".
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