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Originally Posted by GojuBrian
You just can't train for everything. I agree with the poster who said familiarity with the weapon is most important. I don't see the point of spending hours on end working on scenarios that probably won't ever happen. Even if something similar happens you can't properly simulate adrenaline, tunnel vision,etc...
You're correct... and not correct.

You can't properly simulate the physilogical effects of that moment of terror when you realize that not only has the spam has hit the fan, but it's coming at you. To that end, for more realistic evaluations of your shooting ablity, some agencies make the officer run a distance (440, 1/2 mile, etc), then drag the 140 lb dummy 50 feet before stepping up to the firing line. If you're not in good shape, it'll show up in your scores. But it is a lot more realistic as you get an idea of how your motor skills deteriorate.

One doesn't have to practice a great deal for odd situations. Though, it is good to practice weak-hand shooting every outing so you develop the same kind of eye-hand coordination. Or at least get the muscles used to doing something other than carrying your coat.

Other things I suggest people do -- with an empty gun and in private -- is practice drawing while seated, how to fire from the car seat (without tangling up in the steering wheel), draw from an office chair (with arms), shoot and reload with the weak hand only and single hand clearance drills. The time to work out good solutions is when you aren't under life and death pressures. This way, you have a plan in the event you need to use your off hand.

Yeah, a lot of "coppers" succeeded in using only a six-gun and basic training to get through 20 or 30 years. But also remember a lot of them died in the line of duty too. Tools, techniques and training are much better today. It's not the gun that counts so much as the little grey cells between the ears.
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