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NFG from the Big Easy!

I was born and raised in the land of white tail deer and the horse drawn carriages of the Amish. I left at age 17 to join the Navy and see the world. During my twelve years of service, I ended up aboard a ship that spent 14 months in the Avondale shipyard to undergo a major refit. The first step I took on Louisiana soil was at Wet Dock One, Avondale shipyard in September of 1987.

Long story short, I met Mrs. Parallel while in the shipyard and eventually I came back and we got married in August 1989. I had her away from her beloved Louisiana for nearly eight years (unfortunately just long enough for her grandparents to pass away). Once I got out in 1997, it was like a moth to a flameā€¦ she just had to come back. It took a while, but now Louisiana is indeed home to me. We have just finalized the adoption of our little boy who just turned 3 and life is good on the bayou.

I own a modest number of firearms, but I like to think that what I lack in quantity I make up for in quality.

I need to get a picture of my Marlin 780 .22 rifle that I got for Christmas when I was twelve. The rest are shown below.


The first attached image is Marlin Model 336 (top) with Leupold 4 X 35mm rifleman scope chambered in .35 Remington. This was my very first deer rifle that I got on my twelfth birthday. The bottom rifle is a Marlin Model 36A chambered in 30-30 that I bought for my nephew for his thirteenth birthday (last August). My dad got him a Leupold 2.5 X 7 X 32mm rifleman scope to mount on it also for his birthday.

The second attached pic is a SIG556 SWAT with Trijicon ACOG TA-11 and SIG551 style Hand Guards chambered in 5.56 NATO.

The third attachment is a Colt 6920 Law Enforcement Carbine (M4 variant of an AR15) chambered in 5.56 NATO.

Here is a Henderson Defense Industries AK-101 chambered in 7.62 X 39 Soviet.

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