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I feel your pain

I think Pax is right. My wife is the same, she'll go shoot with me, but that is about it. She has even commented on "If something happens to me, then it is my time." Well, I promised my father-in-law to protect and take care of her. We have an alarm system, 2 dogs, good neighbors, put new deadbolts on the doors of the house when we bought it in December, with a rating, which I cnannot remember what it was, but it was a high rating in order for someone to beat he door down to get it open. We have a gun safe, shotgun loaded, 1st round bird shot, the rest of the 7 is OO buck. She has to rack it before she can fire. Pretty much I don't force it on her. She still shoots with me and a group of us in my unit. I do think that if the situation arises, and she makes it to the closet, someone on the other end of the barrel is going to have a surprise. We have a little one on the way , so I am sure I have another round of convincing to her pertaining to weapons in the home. Good luck to you. Keep it safe.
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