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Everytime I look at it I get a bad feeling about destroying some of its historical value or something. Next milsurp, I'll refinish a spare stock and keep the original. Only good thing about this refinishing process so far, I found a hairline crack. I don't believe I did it, I've been careful. After the drop I checked it thoroughly and didn't find anything. As I sanded down the other day, I found a sof spot that got softer, and wouldn't you know. Looks like all the shellac or whatever is on this thing covered it up and kept it sturdy.

About this rifle's value. It's Chinese. Most markings are close to gone if not gone, except on the stock, there is one nice cartouche that I have not removed or damaged. It has a side scope mount bolted onto it. An odd rig, haven't seen one like that on any other SKS. The stock is modified, or at least it looks that way. That side scope mount juts out, the stock looks cut to fit it, and it doesn't fit very well. Coulda been a "bubba" I suppose. I don't count on selling any of my rifles anyway, I'm sure many of us say that, I'm going to try and stick to it.

Also, I believe it is all milled. The numbers don't match I don't think, there's lots of numbers and I think they are mostly import marks. So it could even be this is just a Frankenstein. I will be taking pictures because:

1. I don't know how to fix a crack like that. It's on a thin part of the stock. So, I'll need the collective wisdom of this forum. The picture will explain.

2. Maybe someone can help shed some light on this SKS.

3. I think some of you guys will like to see some pictures of a round I let off on accident. Let the tomatoes fly, I feel like a complete and utter ass. Off the stone along the base of my mirror, through the mirror, through the wall, there was a door open against the other side of the wall so it went through that, and there is a dent on the opposite wall, thank God it didn't leave that room. The jacket I found and it's all just a big chunk of shrapnel. The bullet its self, I cannot find. Where it could be, I don't know. The jacket was found in the room but not close to the wall. It was just the smell of gun powder, and ringing in my ears. 9mm. I'm glad I observe the four rules and only failed due to a slip on a pair of pants. When you fail on one rule, the other 3 may help save a life or limb or cat. Damn, damn damn.
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