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Best overall small game firearm

I've been thinking a bit about small-game hunting, and would like to get the input from people a lot more well-versed in taking meat than myself.

I'm starting from scratch here, never having hunted anything but deer, turkey, and goose. If I wanted to supplement my meals with things like rabbit, squirrel and the like, what would be the idea firearm? I'm interested in terminal effectiveness, as well as durability, weight, compactness (packability?), and price. I've always thought the 10/22 was the standard for small game, but I've never really heard anyone gush about how rugged they are.

But what about pistols? Shotguns? Would I be better off with a .410? Or maybe a .223? I guess that might blow away some meat, but it would also be effective for smaller predators, and other... "midsize" (?) game.

Right now, I'm thinking the new Charger might be good. Seems like it would be more accurate than the average .22lr pistol, like the Mk2 or S&W's 22A, and much more totable than a rifle.

I'm wide open though -- what would you pick to bring home small game?
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