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I recently registered and thought I should introduce myself. I live in Southern Maryland and have been hunting and shooting all my life. I was always taught to respect and safely handle all firearms and after those two most important rules, to enjoy them. I teach the same to all the youth in my family and circle of friends. I believe the 2nd ammendment needs to be protected and, for that matter, the entire constitution.

In the short time I have been aboard, I have found this forum to be the most informative and packed full of knowledgable and experienced people. I am glad to be here and look forward to participating in the future.

Some of my firearms:

DSA Z4 GTC w/EOTech site, Springfield XD-40 w/ combo laser/flashlight, Rem 700 BDL 7mm mag, Ruger KP 89 stainless 9mm, Winchester Mod.70 Safari Express 375 H&H mag w/leuapold Vari-X III, Spencer rifle 50 cal., SKS, MAK 90 w/laser, Stoeger 12 ga, TC Gray Hawk muzzle loader, Ruger MK-II .22, Marlin 336 30.30, Marlin 22 mag and a 22 (both bolt action), Mossberg 500 410 ga, Savage 30.06, Colt "Police Positive" 38 special, Colt "Little Junior" 22 short, H&R 22 mag revolver, And a bunch of other stuff...

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