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Mosin M44 feeding issues

Hello all, I just signed up here and this is my first post and hopefully y'all can help me out with a slight problem I am having. I own a 1945 Mosin Nagant M44. Its in great shape and using surplus ammunition I can shoot 1 MOA all day at 50 meters with a Tru-Glo red dot mounted in a scout configuration. The only issue I am having is that when I load the magazine fully with 5 rounds I have problems sometimes pushing the first round into the chamber. Instead of angling up into the chamber the bolt pushes it so it angles down and cannot be chambered. Is this common? I don't seem to have that problem when I load it with 3 rounds, and when I am able to load it with 5 rounds all subsequent rounds in the magazine chamber just fine. Any help would be appreciated!
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