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target powders:#1 Titegroup #2 WW231 (same as HP38) #3 universal

Power Loads: #1 Power Pistol #2 HS-6 or HS-7 (depends on caliber )
#3 longshot. WHY did Winchester discontinue WAP! Blue also works well.

I have had best results for the big 3 semi auto rounds 9mm, 40S&W and 45acp with the above powers, but also use WW540 and WW571.

Magnum handguns are a whole different breed and I tend to use medium burning powders for target as I like to get the case at least half full.
For full power maggy's my go to powders are H110 or WW296 ( I wonder if these are the same ) and unique which can be a pain in my powder thrower. I use Blue dot also but there is a warning about using it in magnums with certain weights.

Power is still cheap and with handguns it go's pretty far. Unique is still one of the best all around powder, but lately I haven't been able to find any, plus I like the way the ball and speherical flow and try to stick to those when possible, I HATE using a trickler.
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