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+1 johnksa

I have a glock and dont mind the dry fire to take it down, but to me, dry firing has the same effect of fingernails down the blackboard

A mate of mine in CAS, has a habit of whenever he gets a gun out (usually a revolver, Vaq) he checks it is empty, then all you hear is snap, snap, snap.... drives me nuts.

With SA's, (apart from my P22 which is a NoNo for DFing.... rimfire, they pein & bust pins) I agree PROLONGED DFing can't be good for any gun. The reason being, when the hammer/striker hits the pin, it transfers Kinetic energy, in firing, the KE is transferred to the cushioning of the primer, so the pin never 'bottoms out' so to speak. I look at it this way, if a hammer/striker hits a pin and there is no primer/snapcap to stop it, whatever stops the pin from coming out and falling on the ground in front of you (probably shoulders or a step on the pin) will themselves start to pein. I liken it to a baseball hitter taking the mega swing at a ball, if he hits it fair on, great.... nice and smooth .... if he misses it altogether, the bat keeps going and he has to struggle to pull it up (not the expected outcome)

Same with firing pins, they are fully charged with KE & if there is no primer to stop it, it must wear/pein whatever does stop it....

So, IMO, more than a few DF's at any one time, do yourself a favor and use some snappers

Does anyone else get what I am on about?
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