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The tricky thing about the 03A4s is that some 03A3s were converted at some arsenal to that configuration. Hence, without the ODCMP paperwork, it could be just another bubba made 04. I know someone who made one for an anxious buyer.

BTW, I have an 03A3 with a star gauged barrel that I believe was sporterized at Springfield Armory. It has a sporter stock, a detachable Lyman M48 rear aperture sight and when the Lyman is removed, you can slide on the Lyman Alaskan scope onto its Griffin & Howe base. The officer bought it for $15 as it was "sub-standard." Sub-standard meant that they made the front sight blade loose and could let the gun go cheaper. He lived on the base at the time which gives it credence (to me along with what his daughter told me) that it was converted at Springfield.
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