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13 anti-gun bills just passed NYS assembly on 4/28/09

All you NYers, here's a link to the latest anti-gun bill anouncement (has links to each bill):

-Includes .50 Cal or larger ban / mandatory turn-in, (What's next?)
-Microstamping, (can you say much more expensive handguns?, and what's to stop a criminal from using a file on the firing pin?)
-Mandatory "childproofing", locking up of guns, (This was rulled against in the Heller case)
-5 year renewal for pistol permit with mandated safety course (govn't money maker)
-and some modification to the NYS AWB, I'm not sure of the details...

Not sure when this goes to the NY Senate for vote, but this year the senate has a Democrat majority, so they could pass them...

Please, everyone in NY state, call and email your ny state legislators...

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