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Failing to object when legislators pass laws based on freak events, particularly when the law only addresses a particular subtype of those freak events and ignores the fact that many other situations not covered by the laws can have equally tragic outcomes, is one reason so many things are over-regulated in so many countries including this one.

Why just automatic weapons? Why not a law that prohibits children under 16 from playing with high explosives, biological weapons, and nuclear weapons, too?
Theres a loophole then..add that stuff too.

While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, this law is nothing more than knee-jerk legislation. It serves no real purpose.
Alternatively, it can lookied at as a solution to a problem that has arisen. One mans knee jerk is another mans "don't let under 13s be deli clerks and use the slicer"

Go to any third world country and you will find 16 yr. olds quite capable of handling full auto firearms. Ask anyone who has been in close combat.
There is something logically wrong with that argument but being I just woke up and am starting to get tummy stress due to an impending 14 hour flight, I just cant think of it....

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