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Originally Posted by Wildalaska
Get a grip guys, its not the end of the world. The candle of freedom isnt being blown out by this puff of air from the Ct legislature.
Nobody is calling for anarchy, just that our elected officials use common sense. I think tyme has it nailed below.

Originally Posted by tyme
Children shooting themselves is tragic, but this sort of pandering and playing on the emotions of the public for political gain is even more tragic.
In aviation, as with many industries, when a trend of accidents/incidents appears, then procedures are implemented to mitigate the risk. When one accident/incident occurs and it reveals a gaping hole in policy/procedure, then new policy/procedure is developed to address the issue. Though the single occurrence is rare since the task of flying a plane is not uncharted territory, and aviation is already heavily regulated.

If there was a trend of children under the age of 16 shooting themselves, then it might be understandable that new legislation would be proposed; however, I highly doubt this is the case. Referring to aviation again...when a pilot does something that causes an accident, incident, or just an unsafe situation, the FAA has the ability to violate them under the "Careless and Reckless" clause. That is to say, if you weren't breaking any regulations, but knowingly did something that was dangerous, you can have your license revoked, suspended, or at least have a bad mark on your record. We already have similar laws on the books. Cause the death of a person due to your negligence and you can be charged with manslaughter.

If the guy above dies, does there have to be a law against using an electric hand tool, on a metal ladder, in a pool or can we just expect people to use common sense?

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