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4V50 Gary said:
It was very bad supervision
I remember when it happened, and those are/were my thoughts. On the other hand i have no issue with those clown signs at the amusement park that say "you must be this tall"
Maybe we need an all encompassing law against accidents.

I don't know what the frequency/stats are on kids under 16 shooting themselves in the head with machine guns while under adult supervision, but i suspect the percentage is low enough to not need a special law. As far as it goes, they really shouldn't even be let outside of the house, the little monkeys.

The Connecticut Senate has passed legislation banning people from letting anyone under 16 years old handle XX XXXXX fully automatic machine guns in the state.
Evidently they can't even fondle/inspect an unloaded one at a museum now?? Can they still climb on the anti-aircraft gun or into the B-52 tail gunner's position? Idiotic, haven't read the bill but if it's as reported in the OP....:barf:
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