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The legislation stems from an October incident in which an 8-year-old Ashford boy died when he accidentally shot himself in the head with an Uzi during a gun fair in Westfield, Mass.
Would the boy be any less dead if he'd accidentally shot himself in the head with a 1911 or Hi-Power? No? Then everyone who voted for this legislation on the basis of that event should be kicked out of office.

Originally Posted by WildandWittyinAlaska
We dont let kids under 16 drive, buy smokes, drink, play hockey without faceshields, go to strip joints, operate excavators, etc etc why should they blast machine guns?

Get a grip guys, its not the end of the world. The candle of freedom isnt being blown out by this puff of air from the Ct legislature.
Failing to object when legislators pass laws based on freak events, particularly when the law only addresses a particular subtype of those freak events and ignores the fact that many other situations not covered by the laws can have equally tragic outcomes, is one reason so many things are over-regulated in so many countries including this one.

Why just automatic weapons? Why not a law that prohibits children under 16 from playing with high explosives, biological weapons, and nuclear weapons, too?

What problem does this legislation seek to address? If it seeks to address children shooting themselves in the head with firearms, it fails because it addresses only a tiny fraction of the firearms used in those cases. Of course nobody (sane) wants to ban children under 16 firing any firearms, primarily because of the hunting tradition (and secondarily because many people recognize target shooting as a relatively safe activity that's legitimate for children as well as adults), so legislators pass BS laws like this in an attempt to pander to their constituents.

Children shooting themselves is tragic, but this sort of pandering and playing on the emotions of the public for political gain is even more tragic.
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