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I wouldn't look for that repeal anytime soon. Here is a good quote from Alan Gura who represented Dick Heller:

The solution to 922(o) will have to be political in the end. The fact is, outside the gun community, the concept of privately owned machine guns is intolerable to American society and 100% of all federal judges. If I had suggested in any way — including, by being evasive and indirect and fudging the answer — that machine guns are the next case and this is the path to dumping 922(o) — I’d have instantly lost all 9 justices. Even Scalia...You want to change 922(o)? Take a new person shooting. Work for “climate change"
I think we will do well to hang on to our AR-15s. Personally, I put the no restrictions on machine guns and other military weapons in the same category with the "citizen's militia" and the "insurrection theory". Going nowhere fast.
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