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Hey all,

RichC from Massachusetts... the state of many firearms laws and restrictions.

Got my license in December and have been filling up the gun safe as quickly as possible. I shoot regularly with my 16 year old son. The good news for us is the gun club entrance is literally at the end of our street.

Biggest problem we have right now is getting ammo. I have most of what I need to get started reloading but it is really hard to get primers, bullets and powder around here. Fortunately I picked up some last week driving back through Maine, but around here the supplies are dry.

I'm a fan of Sig, S&W and CZ. I love my Sig pistols and 556. I'm alsp enamored of my CZ75B, 452 and 527 rifles, and a couple of VZ58's. S&W 41 pistol is among my favorites. What a beautiful piece of engineering. Got a couple other S&W items as well.

I also have a variety of other toys. Trying to get the safe stocked before our new administration changes the rules.


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