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Assault rifle debate?

First of all, I don't use the term "assault Rifle" anymore. It seems to have a negative effect when talking to folks that don't really understand our reasoning or desire to own and/or shoot them. They are not fully automatic as most of these dummies think.
Also, the reason there is so much debate and discussion about these type of guns can be blamed on liberals who are trying to get rid of them. This usually makes other folks go out and buy them, (if they think they will no longer be able to purchase these weapons). Same for ammo, etc.
It is my right to own a semi automatic rifle and sure as hell isn't anyone else's business if I do (in my opinion). I am a law abiding citizen and have never been arrested, etc. I just like to own different guns and my AR15 just happens to be one of my "new" favorites. I do believe that (as we speak) our present Congress is trying to get rid of these type of guns.
What's next after the elimination of semi automatic rifles? Automatic pistols?
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