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Okay, this is my first cousin Bricie named here... She got a nice fruit basket from the NRA and an offer of legal assistance and counseling if needed... It never was needed. Closest I come to a first hand case that I care to mention...
The Tribune newspaper in Mesa, Ariz. A woman named Bricie Tribble heard a strange noise in her home shortly after midnight and decided to investigate. She was accompanied by her .45-caliber handgun. Tribble discovered a man rummaging through her purse. According to police, the intruder told her: "I'm going to kill everyone in this house, including you.'' Tribble fired at least one shot, killing the man. Police said he had abducted a woman earlier that evening at a nearby Wal-Mart, drove her to a secluded location, raped and shot her. The victim lived and gave police a description of her assailant.
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