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Yes, unsubstantiated. Unless you have developed the power of reading people's mind, you have no way to know what is the intent of such a statement. Thus such statements as "members who harbor a need to be nannys" is completely unsubstantiated, and given the tenor of the post as a whole, I would suggest that developing such an idea is a rather long stretch without any support.
Okay...since he opened that door: has there EVER been a substantiated case where a narrative forum post that recounted a first-person experience which involved a firearm ended with a conviction or any other legal problems?
Could be, but I'm not aware of any that meet that specific criteria. However, given the fact that postings on the internet have been used for disciplinary actions in a numbe of instances, and given that the courts have determined that internet postings can (and have) be used as evidence in civil and criminal trials, it is certainly a valid and reasonable concern.
Until then, his admonishments are nothing more than an increase in the noise to signal ratio of the original post's asking for forum members to relate and share their personal experiences.
As opposed to the increase in the noise to signal ratio of your posts griping about what other members have posted??
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