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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
There is a problem in using other causes of death in arguments. Now, students - here's the point.
Thanks Glenn. Good point to make and this one:

Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
Why - they view the firearm as an instrument designed to do harm (yes, it's just a tool - sings the choir unconvincingly to the nongun world).
And that singing is inane. When I here those on our side trying to argue that a gun is no more dangerous than a baseball bat I just sadly shake my head. I really think we lose a lot of credibility in the public forum of ideas when we try those silly comparisons. Firearms are dangerous and they are designed to kill. We should acknowledge that up front and get to the real part of the debate, which is crime. Guns aren't evil but they aren't noble either.

Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
Simply saying they are not that dangerous, doctors kill more or it's the 2nd Amend. may not carry the debate.
But will make us look silly.

BTW, you had said earlier I think that an AR-15 did not have as much efficacy as other hunting rifles and I was wondering what you based that on. Just curious since the military uses them I figured they were pretty good at killing lots of people.
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