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CarguyChris, that's an excellent point and I am embarrassed that I forgot about the goofy 10 round magazine ban which was encapsulated in the now expired AWB94. I've kicked myself in the rear, solidy, one time.

As you have pointed out, this was another confusing piece of the AWB94. I own a Browining Hi Power which is a 9mm and has a 13 round magazine. I have several magazines that I've purchased over the years. After the AWB, you could only buy 10 round magazines, although there were still 13 rounders available. The 13 rounders just went up in price is all. But the pistol itself still fired and worked the same, whether you had 13 rounds or 10 rounds. With 13 rounds my pistol is considered an "assault weapon". With 10 rounds it's not an "assault weapon", it's just an ordinary handgun, I guess.

See how silly this became. Plus, I could just carry three 10 round magazines instead of two 13 round magazines and actually have 4 extra rounds. It doesn't take much time to change a magazine. I can do it in less than 2 seconds and closer to 1 second.

Think about this from a criminal perspective. If I want to go shoot up a school, I probably know at least two things for sure. There will be no one armed at the school, or if there is, it may be only one security guard. I will target him first. Once he's down, I can shoot people like fish in a barrel. Oh sure, they'll call 911. But when the cops show up, they'll take their time setting up a perimeter while trying to figure out just what the heck is going on inside. Are there multiple shooters, bombs, etc.? Meanwhile, I can casually walk around shooting whomever I feel like, and change magazines when I need to. When I have one round of ammo left, I take myself out. So tell me, how does limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds really do anything as far as preventing crime?

Also, keep in mind that the sniper in Washington, D.C. had Bushmaster variant of the AR-15 which can hold magazines of 5, 10, 20, 30, or even 40 rounds. He never fired more than twice, IIRC. So a 10 round limit would have done nothing to change his MO.

It was all a bunch of political horse hockey and it died like it should have. There are folks who want it back, but they know the political winds aren't blowing in the right direction right now. That's because many of the american people are smart enough to learn the facts and can see what a worthless attempt at banning guns the AWB94 really was.
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