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In the late 50s my Grandma was home when a guy tried to get in the back door, she got the shotgun and loaded it up. Got back to that room just as he got the door open, he had a knife, she shot him point blank and he died right there. She wasnt arrested, in those days it was considered justified. She is gone now but I always admired her spunk and keen wit.

Saw a silly shooting once. Was on a hunting trip in the early 60s, 2 guys had been hitting the sauce and argueing about the effectivness of a shotgun and number 6 shot at 50 feet. So one guy paces it out and turns his back to the shooter who shot him with 6 shot. It penetrated the coat and his back, they dug some shot out of him that afternoon. Probably why I hunt alone these days or with my brother only.

My godfather was in Nam round 65 or 66, he was shot in the back by a full auto, showed me the scars, wasnt pretty, said he got a bunch of them till he was over run and turned to get under cover when he was shot up.

2 guys I worked with in the 70s were Nam vets, one carried the other a long way after his lower leg was shot up. Bad scar but still on 2 feet and still around altho he has slowed down a bit.

Guns are not play thing nor is getting shot or shooting someone else a happy time. Not to be made lite of IMHO.
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