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I am not too interested in the statements some make. Like "I'll grab my XD and go COM until they're on a stretcher" or when I read statements such as, "in my house, at 3 am, there will be no asking questions".

I too can make bold statements or can speak before thinking.

I am very interested in doing the best job I can in staying aware, being prepared, and if/when duty calls (SD in home or on street) only shooting to protect my life and/or family life.

I think the hardest thing I think about sometimes is being woken up at 4 am. standing my ground near the bedroom (I will not clear or go inspecting if the alarm is sounding) and then here comes the BG in my house towards the sleeping quarters and it's a kid. Not my kid but some 13 year old either stealing for drugs or maybe being gang initiated. Shooting all of sudden still seems a possibity and I'm not one to want to get into holding people and all that. That's one of the only situations I can think of where I might light him up with a mag lite and be real verbal and go from there.

But there are still variables / does he have associates outside/inside, is he armed? is he hight?
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