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A Ruger should be able to be dry fired till your finger falls off. I have a .44 Redhawk that has been dry fired at least 4,000 times. The trigger on that gun is smooth as glass now.

I dry fire my Glocks like it is my job.


I've recently come to not appreciate the very stiff break point of my Glock. I've been considering the trigger job on it , to smooth it out a little.

But I've also read that after about 2k rounds through it ( I'm at about 900 ) the trigger will smooth itself out.

So will dry fire help this process ? I hate the fact that I have to rack the slide everytime I dry fire practice, as it throws off the pattern of firing in a real situation, so I don't do it that often.

Am I under a poor impression also ... does the trigger job on a glock actually lighten the break point after takeup ? Or will that remain there ?

I've also considered switching to the 3.5 lb trigger and just taking it to a local gunsmith to have it done ( depending on price ) as I'm not sure I would be comfortable enough to do it myself.
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