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I was raised to never dry fire (and yes I know it is safe in most modern firearms.) and I still feel like I am making a mistake every time I dryfire a gun.
that being said when I bought a p3at a while back I had a real problem jerking the trigger becuse the grip was so small, I decided to do a few dry fires to see if i could correct the problem. after about 20 dryfire's it occured to me that even though this is a modern firearm perhaps I should take a looksee in the manual and of course it says not to dryfire the pistol:barf:. yeah, I know I should have read the manual first, but you know.... old hands like me know all there is to know so I didn't need to read any GD manual:barf:
so I learned a couple of lessons that day. and it reinforced my habit of not wanting to dry fire anything, snap cap or no, I realize this is costing be a lot of usefull practice but darn, I cant shake my dads voice out of my head every time I Do it.
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