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In fact, even before Heller you have ammo serialization schemes and micro stamping that are all designed to inflate the cost of ammo and firearms.
Can't speak for microstamping of firing pins, but remember boys and girls, ammo serialization was proposed and designed by a commercial outfit that patented the process. They were/are trying to change the law so SOMEONE will buy their product! If the law does not stipulate ammo serialization, they will never make a dime. Pretty poor business model if you ask me and they deserve to go out of business. So far, no state legislature in their mind has seen fit to oblige them.

I suspect none ever will, the cost to the ammo industry and to our attempts to fight a war ever again will be too great. Non-serialized ammo will always make it to the public and if the ammunition manufacturers lose the US market for surplus and peacetime sales, they'll charge to Government a fortune or sell the surplus to Mexico and Hugo Chaves. And it apparently slows the process of making ammunition down to snails pace. Oh, and it doesn't solve crimes because stolen ammo is untraceable. It is just a stupid idea from every angle. So far, the Democrats have not gotten that stupid.

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