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I have had the gun talk with my wife and have had mixed results. I do not carry in the house, and I am sure that she will not. We have no children, and she knows where the guns are.

Problem is that we live in a small town/wooded area. We have had men on our property and she just struts up to them and asks them to leave. I have asked her if she took a gun and she never does. I keep telling her that she is going to regret this at some point, but she blows me off. So this is a closed subject between us.

Now, before you all tell me how to best communicate with my your time. She has made her decision and will have to suffer the consequences if there are any to suffer. I don't like this careless attitude, but she reads the Armed Citizen every month and was once even on a jury that heard a home invasion case. Go figure.
If you can't solve the problem with six shots, you probably can't solve the problem. - Jeff Cooper
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