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M1903A4 (I think) and barrel

ETA: Ok, I re-read the title, looked at the content and realized for most of this it probably should have been in the Art of the Rifle sub-forum. So for now only look at the curio and relic portion if you are here. I have deleted the non C/R stuff.

I have an M1903 that is sporterized (ugh) and I want to #1) restore it and #2) maybe use it as a match gun for WWII service competitions. As it sits right now I don't have time for the matches. However I do use it for hunting. (filled the freezer fine this last year )

Right now groups sit at anywhere from around 2 to 4 inches at 100 yds. depending on ammunition (all I can get is factory ATM). Barrel is not bedded or free floated and as stated above in a semi-monte carlo style stock.

I have two ideas:
  • The stock is the problem (barrel resonance and/or inconsistent action bed)
  • The barrel is the problem (corrosion, wear, rifling twist inadequate for modern factory loads)

As a C/R rifle, could the barrel be the problem as far as rifling and modern ammo go? (maybe even corrosion but I haven't looked with my bore light yet)
- Jon
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