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30K people died in 2006 form gunshot wounds???? OMG what about all the other people that died from oh i dunno, heart attacks strokes cancer AIDS drug over doses
More people die of bedsores in this country every year than from firearms. In fact, more people die from unnecessary medical procedures.

The WISQARS database can be very useful for this stuff. The VPC has been caught trying to massage statistics for awhile, and this was a way I once tripped them up.

Bear in mind, that ~30,000 figure includes all causes. That means homicide, suicide, and "accidents," a catch-all which often includes suicide. Actual gun violence hovers ~11,000.

It's not a pretty number, but I can produce statistics against which gun violence pales in comparison. A high-school age child is 9 times as likely to die playing football than from a bullet.

Oh, and one other thing I almost forgot about. Carter signed the law that legalized home brewing of beer.
Billy Beer! I still have a six-pack in the garage somewhere.

He's a good human being and a great humanitarian. I'm not happy with his views, but as I said earlier, they hold no weight.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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