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#1 - Thank you for taking me at my word that I am anti-ban.

#2 - Thank you for taking the time to explain things to me calmly and patiently.

I am a total gun novice, saw one of the "scary guns" in person for the first time a week or two ago at the gun shop. Was actually the first time I'd even been in a gun shop. But since joining the gun community (with the assistance and guidance of my family and a few friends who shoot regularly) I have been anxious to discuss the gun-related things I am learning with others. The "assault weapon" issue invariably comes up, and although my instinct is to shy away from any gun ban, my inexperience keeps me from saying much for-or-against. Thus, my question

You seem to have no bias against military style rifles, so the fact that your question quietly assumes there is a performance difference between what some people call an assault weapon, and any other semi-automatic firearm, is an indication of how deeply ingrained the so-called assault weapon myth is in the culture. And it IS a myth.
I did assume there was a performance difference - and am pleasantly surprised to find otherwise. That lends support to my anti-ban instinct.

I think the myth is VERY deeply ingrained - mostly because of image association. Terrorists always hoist the "scary guns" in their pictures, soldiers use them in violent war movies, crazy renegade military forces abroad fire them into the sky off rickety truck beds. Semi-automatic or otherwise, the "look" has negative associations for folks.

Is there a way to increase visibility of a semi-automatic rifle as owned by responsible, trustworthy citizens? How do we educate people who, like me, don't even realize there was a question I wasn't asking about the "assault weapon" category?

Already we can see some confusion by the person who posted the above quote. I'm not trying to denigrate that poster, but it's important to point out some errors or potential errors in his above statement. He did mention that he wants to be educated, so here goes.
She, she! And yes, I am glad you took the time to educate. Thank you.

Not to sound disbelieving, but am I understanding correctly that the rifles shoot the same calibers as the semi-automatic handguns? Is there any meaningful difference between the velocity of a same-caliber bullet shot out of a different gun?

I am trying to wrap my head around my own misinformed-ness. I feel duped! 'Cause I have been! Kindof want one for HD now. Might as well put the negative image associate to good use - against the BGs!
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