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I once volunteered on a Habitat for Humanity program outside of Atlanta where I got to meet former Pres. Carter and even work along side him for a day. In my opinion Jimmy Carter is an amazing man, he is an impressive intellectual, he is an exemplary human being, he is an outstanding motivator, and he is an example of compassion and humanity that most men and women could only dream of comparing to....but he is a horrible politician and just too far left to be setting public policy.
Those are some of the same sentiments I have about GHW Bush, except he's not too far left or too far right. I thought he was a mediocre politician at best, but I suspect he is a pretty good human being, and an amazing man in real life. He did some good things, but he failed at others. I think he tried to be too nice at times and was a go along to get along Prez. That often doesn't translate into good leadership. I almost felt like he didn't want to be the Prez anymore in his campaign battle against Clinton. Maybe he found it too hard to be nice and be a leader, all at the same time. That's just my opinion. I never met him as you had met Carter.

Note: Back to the topic at hand, my younger brother just joined ranks with us EBR owners. That's Evil Black Rifle owners for those of you in Rio Linda, CA. He bought a DPMS with a 20" barrel. Looks nice in the picture. I'll have to visit him in a couple of weeks to help him break it in. Aim small, miss small.
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