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I think my post is pretty self-explanatory. Either you agree that it's valid to blame a non-responsible party (FFL holders) or you disagree. I disagree.
Sorry, 44. I didn't mean to direct that at you, but at the other two Antipitas mentioned.

You make some good points, especially with the S&W example. It's really easy to take one quote out of context and assume that it represents a political stance on the part of the company.

It's very easy on the internet, where people will accept all too many things as fact without following up for themselves. The Left knows this, and operates this way.

We have a party making serious and blantant accusations, then failing to provide proof to back them up. When pressed, said party responds with dramatic non-sequiturs and things taken out of context to look like supporting arguments.

I've been down this road with antis before. Not suggesting that anyone here IS, but they are falling into the same rhetorical traps.

Incidentally, after talking to three different FFL's, none of them wants gun shows regulated or closed. In fact, all three were horrified at the idea.
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