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Concerning the "don't care about a damaged door," I fully agree. If it is a real event, property damage/theft/loss is of course the least of my concerns. My hesitancy was if it were *not* a real event. Lightly heard breaking glass, and turns out to be a tree branch on a window. Maybe somebody *did* try to gain entry, and because of noise is now long gone. A drinking glass shifts in the dish rack. That sort of thing. I choose to stay and protect the wife rather than investigating, but if it's a false alarm I don't want to be replacing doors, OR feeling bad about a LEO's broken ankle from my door.

Looks like the key-on-a-light stick is the best resolution, so far.
Not really... The best solution would probably be to install a quality alarm system. That way, you would definately know if that bump in the night was just your imagination or the real deal. If the alarm ain't blarin' you're okay. At the very least, it's comforting to know that someone is monitoring it 24/7 and knows when something's up (i.e. alarm after windo breaks open) whereas the police only know something's wrong when (if you phisically can) you call. What if you can't get to the phone??? It's good to know someone suspects reasonable suspicions and will dispatch appropriate agencies.

A guard dog would help in identifying threats as well...
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