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Nowhere in the constitution is it written "The right of the people to form or serve in a state sponsored militia shall not be infringed."

That being the case why are we talking about the militia?

Some people like to get this grand idea that the an unorganized militia is some insanely powerful tool for fighting tyranny and that if need be they will grab their "SHTF" gun and take on the man.

If you want to understand the effectiveness of an unorganized militia in modern warfare you need to look at iraq and afghanistan. Sure they harrass American Soldiers and kill them but these unorganized militias suffer casualties in such higher numbers than we do its not even comparable. This doesn't even take into account that the American military hasn't even inflicted casualties to the fullest extent possible.

Many people think they have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to form part of a "militia". But the truth is the leadership, tactical training, and military equipment necessary (your AR15 with a train yard worth of rails and equipment doesn't count) to be an effective military force just isn't there.

Some people need to get this glorious vision of some kind of revolutionary, post apocalyptic world where they are the leader of some militia out of their heads.

The fact that the original concept of the militia is dead does not in anyway diminish or restrict the RKBA.
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